HoloMonitor App Suite

HoloMonitor® App Suite

With Focus on Cell Biological Applications

HoloMonitor App Suite is a completely new proprietary software based on biological applications. Using App Suite you can easily perform live cell studies on various cellular events. The App Suite software has an intuitive user interface guiding the user through the simple step-by-step workflow, from set-up of the experiment until the results are presented.

The App Suite software offers a simple workflow but still allows the user to set precise parameters for each time lapse imaging.

HoloMonitor App Suite is designed for automated and detailed analysis of individual cells and cell populations. The automated analysis extracts selected cellular parameters that are condensed into quantitative application-specific output parameters.

HoloMonitor App Suite 1.0 is now available. It offers three biological applications with automated result presentation; kinetic proliferation, kinetic cell motility and cell quality control.

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Userfriendly Live Cell Analysis in your Incubator

Watch this short HoloMonitor App Suite Introduction and find out how App Suite can help you in your lab.