Phase Holographic Imaging – Studies on living cells

DISCOVER the Power of Time-Lapse Cytometry
HoloMonitor® M4
HoloMonitor® M4
EXPLORE HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay
EXPLORE HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay

Quantitative & Label-free Live Cell Analysis

HoloMonitor – Capture the full story about your cells

Are you looking for a tool that enables label-free and kinetic live-cell studies during physiologically optimal conditions? With HoloMonitor you can study life and death of your cells directly in the incubator. Our technique, holographic microscopy, is cell-friendly, fast and easy-to-use. With help from HoloMonitor, images, videos, and quantitative data are easily captured. The HoloMonitor platform offers you a powerful and unique portfolio of cell biological applications. 

Compared with the conventional assays that assess cell morphology and cell behaviors, this method not only saves time and labor, but also provides more accurate and detailed information”

Huang J, Guo P & Moses M, J. Vis. Exp (2018)

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About PHI

Phase Holographic Imaging AB (PHI) provides researchers in academia and the life sciences industry with products for live-cell kinetic studies. PHI’s time-lapse cytometer, the HoloMonitor® system, is based on our core technology holographic microscopy.

Since introducing the first instrument in 2011, PHI now offers a range of products for the label-free, long-term quantitative analysis of living cell dynamics, circumventing the drawbacks of traditional methods requiring toxic stains. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, PHI trades through a network of international distributors.

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