Other Cellular Events

Other Cell Events

Rare or Transient Cellular Events

HoloMonitor provides a combination of quantitative and visual data collected over time. The data can be accompanied with supporting videos which visualize how cancer cells shrivel up and die after being treated with a cancer drug, for example. Some features essential for capturing rare or transient cellular events like phagocytosis, cell engulfment, and cell activation and differentiation, are:

  • Speed of image acquisition of up to 1 image per second.
  • Morphological and quantitative tracking of cells of interest over multiple days.
  • Cell-by-cell population data analysis.

Examples how HoloMoniotor has been used to visualize previously unseen events are provided here. Explore our list of publications describing how Holomonitor can be used in various research settings.


L929 mouse fibroblasts: a rare giant budding multinuclear cell.

Example of Other Events 

  • Cell Engulfment
  • Phagocytosis
  • Cell Activation
  • Cell Differentiation