HoloMonitor System

HoloMonitor® System

With the HoloMonitor system, cellular behavior, responses, and events can easily and continuously be visualized and quantified over time. Microscopy images are recorded directly in the cell culture vessel at regular time intervals, to not overlook any significant events.

The HoloMonitor system comprises:

  • An incubator-compatible base unit with motorized stage (optional)
  • A laser unit
  • A proprietary software

The laser and base units are used to capture time-lapse holographic phase images of cells. The system is controlled by proprietary software, Hstudio, or HoloMonitor App Suite, available on the market from July 2018. Read more about App Suite here, or contact us for further information.

“HoloMonitor gives a totally new dimension to our work.”

— Prof. Stina Oredsson
Lund University

M4 base unit

The HoloMonitor M4 base unit can be permanently installed directly in a cell incubator, in a hypoxia chamber, or on the lab bench.

Motorized stage

The HoloMonitor M4 base unit can optionally be equipped with a motorized xyz-stage. With this high precision stage, the HoloMonitor M4 can record time-lapse videos at multiple locations in parallel. Sample locations can be within the same culture or in different cultures.

M4 laser unit

The illumination source is a 635-nm diode laser placed outside the incubator and connected with fiber optics.

Hstudio proprietary software

Hstudio cytometric software allows the flexible and convenient set-up of experiments and of analyses of the huge volume of data collected during imaging. After sample locations have been graphically programmed, time-lapse video will be automatically recorded at each location. The motorized stage control software is fully integrated into Hstudio. After recording is finished, the cytometric software automatically identifies and tracks individual cells over time.

Computer requirements

An external computer is required to run the Hstudio software. Computer requirements are listed in the HoloMonitor M4 Setup and Operation Manual.

“We find this novel instrument an excellent tool for non-invasive live cell microscopy. The software is user friendly and easy to use.“

— Belá Osvari
Avidin Biotechnology

Additional Products

No labels, stains or specially designed vessels are needed to run HoloMonitor assays making protocols straight-forward and easy-to-use.

Sample requirements

Mono-layer of adherent eukaryotic cells seeded in any of the recommended cell culture vessels. Download a list of cell lines successfully used: Cell Lines used with HoloMonitor.

Cell culture vessels

Cell culture vessels comes in many shapes and sizes. The bottom and the bottom rim thickness varies between different brands and types. For optimal image quality the following vessels are recommended for HoloMonitor M4:

  • Glass-bottom Petri dishes
  • 35 mm Sarstedt Petri dishes with HoloLid
  • IBIDI plastic ware (channel slides, chemotaxis slides, wound healing inserts)
  • Sarstedt 6-well plates with HoloLid
  • Sarstedts Lumox 24 or 96 well plates with HoloLid

“The HoloMonitor M4 allow us to rapidly measure how cell motility is affec­ted by various treatments, without removing the cells from our incubator.”

— Sung-Kyun Ko
Korea Research Inst. of Bioscience & Biotechnology