HoloMonitor – Ideal for Live Cell Analysis

HoloMonitor® time-lapse cytometer is a tool used by scientists all over the world to study the life cycle and behavior of living — or dying — cells under physiologically optimal conditions. The technique employed, holographic microscopy, is cell friendly, fast, and simple to use. It offers unique imaging capabilities for live-cell kinetic investigations at both the single-cell and cell-population levels.

Using the HoloMonitor system, researchers can both visually monitor their cell cultures over time, and quantify the data generated by the instrument to create publication-ready images, graphs and, plots.

A vast range of applications are available for studying various cellular events — all label free.

HoloMonitor is small, easy to use and and non-invasive. HoloMonitor is incubator-compatible and the technology gives you a real-time cell cycle analysis in living cells.

“HoloMonitor M4 adds a new dimension to our portfolio of complex imaging technologies – TIME!”

– Ed Luther, Supervisor
Northeastern Core Imaging and Cytometry Facility