Wound Healing

Wound Healing

Use of  Wound Healing Assays to Study Cell Migration

Cell migration can be defined as the movement of cells from one location to another in response to biological/chemical signals or environmental events. Migration of cells plays an essential role in many normal biological processes. Therefore, it is not surprising that impaired migration can contribute to pathological conditions in many disease areas like immune responses, tumor metastasis and angiogenesis. Wound healing assays mimic in vivo cell migration. They are in vitro assays widely used in all kinds of research related to directed cell migration.

Gap closure over time. Untreated cells are used and the gap is created using the ibidi® Culture-Insert 2 Well.

HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay - Get the Whole Picture

The HoloMonitor wound healing assay reveals data not only on a cell population level in terms of gap closure, but also on an individual cell level. Cells at the edge of the gap can be tracked and detailed, non-biased data on migration into the wound area easily achieved. As all HoloMonitor applications the wound healing assay is cell-friendly and based on label-free live-cell imaging. Example of outcome parameters:

  • Time-lapse images and videos illustrating how cells migrate into the gap
  • Automatic and kinetic calculation of gap closure over time
  • Cell front velocity
  • Cell migration paths of selected cells at the edge of the wound
  • Graphs showing the direction of cell migration

When preferred, further analyses can be undertaken for details on cell morphology changes, cell proliferation and cell division.

Graph showing the direction of cell migration at the left and right edge of the gap, respectively (left). Overlaid cells tracks (right).