Cell Proliferation

Cell Proliferation

Kinetic Assessment of Cell Proliferation

Cell proliferation is a measurement of cell growth and defined as the balance between cell divisions and cell loss through cell death. Cell proliferation assays are widely applied in biological sciences to understand the growth pattern of cultured cells and to assess the in vitro safety and efficacy of drugs over time. However, most methods are end-point assays and often assess cell proliferation indirectly. With the HoloMonitor® system cell proliferation is directly determined; both by kinetic cell counting and by confluence assessment.

Graph showing cell count over time.

Cell growth of L929 cells is visualized in the video.

Cell Proliferation using HoloMonitor® – Kinetic Cell Count and Confluence Assessment

Direct and continuous cell counting

  • Kinetic assessment of both cell count and cell confluence
  • Individual cells are automatically identified and counted by the system software
  • The analysis includes data for both individual cells and entire populations at the same time

Cells are cultured, and cell proliferation assessed, during physiologically optimal conditions

  • Incubator compatible design; HoloMonitor can be placed in the cell incubator
  • No labels or stains are required
  • Only very low intensity illumination is necessary

HoloMonitor offers a robust and label-free kinetic cell proliferation assay with high temporal resolution. When preferred, further analyses can be undertaken for details on cell morphology changes, drug responses and influence on the cell cycle process.


  • PHI HoloMonitor M4 with Hstudio software
  • Culture vessel and PHI vessel holder for selected vessel
  • PHI HoloLid for selected vessel