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Explore our portfolio of applications to study various cellular events, all label free.

Discover the true power of HoloMonitor time-lapse cytometry – the combination of quantitative and visual data collected over time.

Comprehensive cell culture QC

Instantaneously assess your cell culture integrity.

  • Quantitative cell culture QC metrics within seconds
  • Cellular growth rate changes simultaneously
  • Cellular population statistics comprise many relevant cell-by-cell measurements (size, optical cell volume, thickness, irregularity, etc)

Data for untreated L929 mouse fibroblasts.

Cell Movements

Monitor cell movement patterns and distinguish between random cell motility and directed cell migration.

  • Robust segmentation and tracking of cells of interest
  • Cell motility speed and cell migration velocity measurements at your fingertips
  • Detailed understanding of chemotaxis and wound healing processes
  • Non-invasive nature allows subsequent cellular staining for further analysis upon conclusion of holographic imaging

Holographic images and XY movement plots of murine macrophages M1 phenotype (left) and M2 phenotype (right).

Cell Cycle Analysis

Analyze cells through rounds of replication with full confidence.

  • No perturbation to the natural state and function of the cell with label-free analysis
  • Robust measurement of mitosis and cytokinesis based on reliable automated segmentation
  • Cytometric data with effortless relationship between images and quantitative data

Changes in optical volume over time based on tracking of one cell of interest.

Toxicity & Cell Death

Healthy cells are usually irregular and rather thin, dying cells are usually small, less irregular and thick, while dead cells are usually round and thin. With HoloMonitor, changes in cell morphology and cell count over time are assessed non-invasively.

  • Data for both individual cells and entire populations at the same time
  • Determine cell proliferation, both by cell counting and by confluence, for various treatments of your cells simultaneously
  • Understand drug effects through quantitative assessments of cell morphology
  • Non-invasive nature allows subsequent cellular staining for further analysis upon conclusion of holographic imaging

Etoposide-treated DU145 cell line: changes in optical thickness and volume during the death process in one individual cell.

Toxicity and Cell Death Assays

Other Events

L929 mouse fibroblasts: a rare giant budding multinuclear cell.