Researchers world-wide are realizing the potential of time-lapse cytometry. Due to the difficulties in keeping cells healthy while main­taining good image quality, time-lapse video microscopy of living cells has in the past been only for the most determined cell biologists. Modern computer technology is, however, about to revolutionize the way cultured cells are imaged and quantified in vitro.

Ass. prof. Ethan Garner,

Harvard University

“We love it, especially the novel volu­metric 3D infor­ma­tion. The Holo­Moni­tor allow us to con­tinuously watch and quantify how cells swarm and interact.”

Dr. Maria Falck Miniotis,

Malmö University

“The HoloMonitor allows non-invasive monitoring of cancer cells and their response to treatment, without the need for prior cell extraction, staining or exposing cells to harmful light sources.“

Prof. Timm Schroeder,

ETH Zurich

“Quantifying over time is crucial for a full under­standing of cell systems. I am convinced that time-lapse cytometry will enable the next level of insight.“

Res. Sung-Kyun Ko,

Korea Research Inst. of Bioscience & Biotechnology

“The Holo­Monitor M4 allow us to rapidly measure how cell motility is affec­ted by various treat­ments, without removing the cells from our incubator.”


Prof. Stina Oredsson,

Lund University

”The Holo­Monitor gives a totally new dimen­sion to our work.”


Prof. Yunping Dai, China Agricultural University

“The HoloMonitor has reduced the time to collect 3D images with high resolution from days to a few minutes. It has accele­rated our research, allowing us to perform projects we could only dream about in the past.”

Dr. Alain Geloen,

National Institute of Applied Sciences, Lyon

“HoloMonitor M4 is a fantastic tool, easy to use, non-invasive, giving very clean 3D cell images. Time-lapse results are fascinating. HoloMonitor carries the researcher in the close vicinity of cells. The software is also very impressive and intuitive, giving unique values on cell morphology (volume) and behavior (mobility). It is easy to rapidly obtain original cell information in response to many treatments. Price is very affordable. It is one of my best investment so far. The spectrum of applications are endless. I am fully convinced that this is the beginning of a new era for research.”

Dr. Robert Judson,
University of California, San Francisco

“As a label-free, non-toxic imaging system, HoloMonitor M4 provides us the means to begin investigating the immediate reaction of melanoma cells to acute environmental and genetic stimuli.”

Belá Osvari, Avidin Biotechnology

“We find this novel instrument an excellent tool for non-invasive live cell microscopy. The software is user friendly and easy to use. We have successfully tested it for 3D morphological analysis and time-lapse imaging on various tumor cell lines.” 

Ed Luther,

supervisor of Northeastern University’s Core Imaging and Cytometry facility

“The expansion of our existing collaboration with PHI is the result of productive utilization of HoloMonitor technology for non-invasive real-time cell cycle analysis in living cells. We are now developing state-of-the art applications multiplexing cell cycle and cell motility. The HoloMonitor platform offers unique 4-dimensional imaging capabilities that greatly enhance our understanding of both functions, which was previously unachievable by other technologies.”

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