Phase Holographic Imaging

The HoloMonitor - Non-invasive image cytometer from Phase Holographic Imaging

The HoloMonitor time-lapse cytometers allow cellular behavior to be continuously quantified and monitored.

Conventional cytometric methods are highly invasive and have poor temporal resolution. This makes them unsuited to study living cells. Artifacts induced by the method and overlooked cellular events may easily lead to incorrect conclusions.

Directly in the cell culture vessel, HoloMonitor records images at regular time intervals to not overlook any significant events. After recording, the cytometric software will automatically identify and track individual cells over time.

Label-free cell cycle morphology analysis

Cell viability

Unlike conventional microscopy systems, HoloMonitor has the ability to measure cell volume. After cell division the cell volume slowly increases. At cell division the volume rapidly drops to again increase for the next cell division. By detecting deviations from this regular pattern, HoloMonitor is capable of detecting dying cells, without using stains or removing the cells from the cell culture vessel.

Application note: Label-free cell viability

Cell migration & motility

The 3D phase images created by HoloMonitor are much better suited for automated image processing than traditional phase contrast images. This allows cells to be automatically segmented and tracked over long time periods.

Application note: Label-free cell migration & motility