CEO commentaries

The scientific role of commercialization

CEO Peter Egelberg comments on his presentation at SPIE 2018 in San Francisco — “The evolution of Phase Holographic Imaging from a research idea to publicly traded company”. Over Greenland, February 4, 2018 GALILEO AND THE FIELD TELESCOPE Science needs new tools to progress. The most striking example of this is when Galileo Galilei in 1609… Read More »

Leap of Understanding

CEO Peter Egelberg comments the recent special issue of Cytometry part A and its importance to PHI and medical science in general. Cytometry part A is the official journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC). The journal publishes original research articles related to cell measurement and analysis. Occasionally special issues are published, covering novel and hot… Read More »

Scale Matters

CEO Peter Egelberg comments the scientific article recently published by researchers at the Department of Nanobiophotonics, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. LIFE AT DIFFERENT SCALES To understand the complexity of life and the mess evolution has created, life must be observed at different scales. Scientists need to understand the inner workings of a cell.… Read More »

The Label-free Promise

CEO Peter Egelberg comments the scientific article by PHI, recently published in Cytometry Part A. SPIRALING COSTS According to a recent study in the Journal of Health Economic, the cost of developing a new pharmaceutical has risen by over 1 300 % to a stag­gering 2.5 billion USD during the past 40 years, after adjusting for inflation.… Read More »

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