Interfacing antibody-based microarrays and holographic microscopy enables label-free detection of cell volume loss.

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“By using holographic microscopy combined with microarray, each cell morphology parameter was available, not only on population levels, even at the cellular level.”
Zahra El-Schich, Malmö University

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Suspension cells are challenging for micro­scopy since they are floating at several different levels in the media. Even more challenging is to analyze these cells in a non-disturbing way. An antibody microarray can capture and immobilize living, unstained suspension cells. Then morphological para­meters such as area, optical thickness, volume and many more can be measured using the HoloMonitor. In this study, after cytotoxic drug treatment of antibody-captured human leukemic T-cells, a time dependent decrease of cell volume, area, thickness, eccentricity and irregularity was observed and quantified.