The tumor microenvironment consists of several cell types including inflammatory cells such as macro­phages, which perform critical functions to affect tumorigenesis. The macrophages found in the tumor microenvironment are affected by a range of chemo-stimulants, which enable them to exist in a range of different phenotypes broadly classified as the M1 and M2 phenotypes.

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“HoloMonitor M4 label-free kinetic imaging analysis platform provides a new tool for understanding the macrophage phenotype changes undergoing exposure to various stimulants. The results are not hindered by toxic stains and phototoxicity typical in confocal microscopy and other common types of single cell analysis.”
Meghna Talekar, Northeastern University

Although the effect of macrophages post-stimulation has been critically investigated, very little is known about the morpho­logical alterations these cells undergo post chemo-stimulation and in the presence of cancer cells. Thus the aim of our current investigation was to understand macrophage phenotypic changes using the HoloMonitor M4, post stimulation.