Tumor-associated macrophage re-polarization from predominant M2 to M1 phenotype can be an effective approach to achieve anti-tumor immunity and therapeutic response. Holographic time-lapse imaging cytometer HoloMonitor M4 was used to assess the efficacy of repro­gramming M2 polarized macrophages to a M1 polarized state in a macrophage-tumor co-culture system. Also, the miR-155 polarized macro­phages were seen to cause tumor cells morphological changes suggesting cell death after co-culture indicating potential anti-tumor activity.

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“HoloMonitor M4 provides for real-time imaging of cellular interactions between tumor cells and macrophages in a co-culture.”
Adwait Oka, Northeastern University

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Out of many approaches available, the phenotypic reprogramming or repolarization to the anti-tumoral M1 state is a promising approach. HoloMonitor M4 based imaging modality can be used to track unstained macrophages by monitoring their morphology and motility. In this study, we have explored the potential of genetic (microRNA mediated) phenotypic reprogramming of macrophages using non-viral water-in-oil-in-water (WOW) multiple emulsion-based intracellular delivery system.