Phase Holographic Imaging

Current methods force scientists to study life’s fundamental building block when it is dying. PHI’s non-destructive technology brings cells to life by permitting long-term cellular behavior to be obser­ved and quantified without toxic stains.

Since 2011 PHI has provided pioneering scientists with cell analyzers and data analysis software that cost-efficiently reflects the importance of cell health and biological relevance.

PHI was founded by its current manage­ment with the support of Lund University and Sweden’s Innovation Agency, VINNOVA. Since early 2014 the PHI stock is publicly traded on AktieTorget.

  • 18 september – 2 oktober 2014
  • 3,10 SEK/aktie
  • Emissionsvolym: högst 4 646 610 aktier, 14,5 MSEK
  • Teckningsförbindelser och garantiteckning om 8,5 MSEK
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